Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the day with the flowers

Floral pants? In the middle of winter? Yes and yes! This is basically my first attempt to wear floral bottoms and I kinda don't want to take them off. I'm going floral crazy! I also found a perfect-flower covered-silk skirt in my grandmas closet the other day that I can't wait to show you. Stay tuned.
Wearing H&M pants, Lanvin for H&M blazer and sunnies, Blanco shirt, Zara pumps, Mulberry bag
photos by Anastasia L.


  1. i love the pants and the bag
    it's the perfect combination!

  2. I am in love with the whole outfit! Love your trousers! xx

  3. Great pants and though I haven't dared either to try pants like these, you make me reconsider :)

  4. teleia xrwmata!teleies photos!!!!!you are the best!!!!